TFD is a tokenized software licence

TFD basics

In order to use TE-FOOD's decentralized traceability ledger, supply chain companies or implementation partners have to obtain an appropriate number of software licences.

The utility of the tokenized licences is to provide access for a certain number of users, and to provide eligibility for a certain number of transactions. A tracking transaction involves the storage of data in the blockchain, allowing for tracking or further processing. By means of the transaction, data are retrieved or a tracking transaction is executed, i.e. a data set is written in the blockchain (read or write access executed).

How licencing works

TFD licence token

The TE-FOOD system can only be used with a valid licence. Licences sold shall not be withdrawn by or returned to TE-FOOD.

Utilization units

The TE-FOOD licence can be subdivided into utilization units, or sub-licences. Each user must have at least one TE-FOOD sub-licence or utilization unit to use the system and trigger tracking transactions.

Transaction potential

Each TE-FOOD sub-licence or utilization unit entitles the holder to trigger a region specific number of transactions per day, called transaction potential.

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TFD licence token information

Symbol TFD
Decimals 18
Contract address 0xE5F166c0D8872B68790061317BB6CcA04582C912
Contract address 0xE5F166c0D8872
Total/Max supply 1 billion TFD
Circulating supply 567 917 832 TFD