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Differentiate yourself, and improve consumer trust

Show traceability information to your customers in days

TE-FOOD Lite is an effortless, entry level traceability solution for companies to start tracking their batches without months of preparation.

Enable consumers to scan QR codes on your products, and see their batch history. 

Build pre- and post-sale engagement with your customers.

Improve consumer recognition of your brand

75% of consumers are willing to switch to a brand that provides more in-depth product information, beyond what’s provided on the physical label.

Most of your competitors don’t utilize transparency to improve consumer trust. By using TE-FOOD Lite, you can differentiate your brand from your competition.

Position your premium products

Thriving on the market of premium food products requires you to provide exclusivity to your consumers.

Premium products with end-to-end traceability information might be sold for 2-10% more on certain markets.

Unlock export opportunities

As food import regulations become more strict, a growing number of importers require information about the provenance of the food, or the processing methods used for creating it.

Comply with their requirements by using TE-FOOD Lite.

Functions based on our experiences by serving thousands of food companies


Farms provide batch related cultivation / husbandry data when they send a transport to the processor. 

They can share data about the product and its origins, food safety characteristics, certifications, transport volumes, and logistics details. 


Processors can register receiving transports from both participating and non-participating farms.

When they send a transport to retail, they provide information about the processing and packaging.


Optionally, retailers can confirm receiving the retail products from their suppliers as an end of the food product’s journey.

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