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Go beyond
track and trace

Reduce the time and scope of product recalls

Automatize product recall management throughout the supply chain. When the designated participants report contaminated batches, the system is able to

trace back the batches to the producers of ingredients,

disallow participants to take in batches which are derived from the contaminated batch,

generate a list of batch IDs, and product serials to recall, and sends them to the affected participants,

notify consumers about the recall on the product landing page.

Manage and enforce custom protocols at your suppliers

Control and enforce your supplier farmers to work according to a unified production protocol. Establish control points to ensure they keep the quality standards your require.

Improve the efficiency of your production processes

Improve your company’s processes by establishing detailed event reporting, and analyze the potential bottlenecks to improve your operational efficiency.

Introduce unified certification management for your supply chain

Let your suppliers to manage their company and product related certifications, as well as batch level quality inspection results in one place. 

Access all documents anytime, and get automatic notifications about expiring certifications.