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consumer engagement

Tell the story of your product

Differentiate your brand from the competition by showing in-depth information about your products.

Batch history information

Ingredients, nutrition facts, usage instructions

Supplier introductions


Provide proofs to your sustainability claims

As a growing number of consumers prefer environmentally friendly brands, several companies started to make empty sustainability claims for PR reasons. This behavior is called “Greenwashing”.

End-to-end traceability enables brands to show that they really care about the environment. Differentiate yourself from the pack by providing proofs of your sustainability actions, and show how they are embedded in your products.

Learn more about your consumers

Food producers have very limited overview of their consumers.

Who are they, where did they buy the product? Why did they choose it? What do they think about the brand?

Food traceability helps brands to engage directly with the consumers, and learn more about their shopping habits.