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Gather event data efficiently

Use the technology of your choice

Traceability requires several companies to collaborate and send event data about their batches. TE-FOOD provides solutions to companies with any level of technological maturity. This enables you to successfully implement traceability even if there are smallholder farms and global corporations within the same supply chain.

B2B mobile app

Gather data easily and quickly with TE-FOOD’s customized B2B mobile app.


Available for Android and IoS

Optimized for low-end mobile phones

One app for all roles, with secure access control

Excel upload

Export data from your backend system to Excel, and automatize the upload.


Automatize the Excel upload

Extend data sources easily


Connect TE-FOOD to your your backend systems to automatize data exchange.


Create and update master data

Send batch related traceability data

Connect your industrial printer to serialize your products

Turn your traceability data globally compatible

Use GS1 standards to be compliant with your customers.

TE-FOOD can process visibility events in EPCIS XML, and it can transform non-standard events to EPCIS format.

If you plan to use the traceability data in your ERP system, or your customers require EPCIS based data, TE-FOOD can fulfill your requirements.