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Secure and scalable blockchain

TE-FOOD provides its permissioned blockchain for for global food supply chains. 
Enterprise grade data governance and security features take care that your data is in good hands

Millions of business transactions

Each day, business operations about millions of products are registered on TE-FOOD’s blockchain (the TrustChain).

As blockchain technology is seamless on the user level, it’s not a barrier of adoption. Thousands of farmers are using it each day, many of them without knowing what the underlying technology is.

Decentralized ledger with hundreds of nodes

One of the main advantages of blockchain technology is the decentralization of the node structure. The TrustChain consists of hundreds of nodes in several countries around the world.

Some of the nodes are maintained by supply chain companies (Supernodes), others by the consumer community (Masternodes) to form a global collaboration of industry and consumers for improved efficiency and transparency.

TE-FOOD is a public-permissioned blockchain. While blockchain data (which access level is set as “public” by the food company) can be read publicly on the blockchain explorer, writing data to the blockchain, or validating transactions requires permission for additional security.