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All components you need for enterprise traceability implementations

TE-FOOD makes traceability implementations
simple, fast, and secure


your products by giving them digital identities


data about the production processes by our data gathering tools


traceability data on a secure and scalable blockchain


product history with your consumers by telling a story

Identification and serialization

Digitize your products

If you want to enable your consumers to scan a QR code on your products, and view their history, you have to print serialized identifiers on them. 

Print serialized QR codes on your retail products by using TE-FOOD’s Serialization Engine, and printing / labelling solutions.

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Data capture

Omnichannel data gathering tailored to your needs

Are you collecting data in your backend system? You can sync it through our API, or employ the automated Excel uploader.

Do you need more data? Download our easy-to-use B2B mobile app and log your activities on the fields, during processing, or on the road.

Do you need GS1 compliant outputs? TE-FOOD can convert all data into EPCIS format.

Data storage

Scalable and secure enterprise grade blockchain ledger

TE-FOOD’s blockchain is a secure and scalable solution to store all traceability data in a decentralized, permissioned way.

The FoodChain is amongst the 15 biggest blockchains in terms of daily operation volume, containing the history of millions of food products around the world.

Data processing

Improve efficiency by applying business logic to your data

Reduce the time and cost of product recalls to a fraction by TE-FOOD's automated recall module.

Make sure that your upstream suppliers are always compliant to your quality requirements by applying business logic into the data gathering functions.

Data presentation

Deliver amazing experiences​ by telling the story of your products

Transparency is a growing consumer demand. TE-FOOD enables you to present product information as a rich experience to differentiate your brands, and to prove the quality of your products.

Dig deeper into traceability

Learn how to plan a traceability implementation in TE-FOOD’s practical guide!
(10 minutes reading)