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Building transparent supply chains. Bit by bit.

How we see the future

Recent advancements in technology enable food supply chains to evolve rapidly. We see several areas which will change during the next decade:

  • Quality assurance, compliance to quality systems (HACCP, GlobalG.A.P, Organic, etc.) will – at least partly – rely on food traceability systems. Such systems will contain a lot of growing / breeding / processing related information which will be monitored automatically.
  • Traceability systems will provide a strong sales channel to food suppliers, and a sourcing possibility for food producers and retailers. Semi-automatic, often blockchain based algorithms will manage supply-demain pairing, contracting, monitoring, and clearing of supplier relationships.
  • Data mining systems will be fed by traceability systems to gain business insights about the supply chain, enabling food companies to make better decisions.
  • Detailed traceability activity will feed agricultural financing systems to provide in-depth information on the actual credit scoring of food companies.
  • IoT tools, traceability systems, and the immutable distributed ledger technology will complete the trustless supply chain concept, where no single company or people need to be trusted to ensure that the data is genuine and correct.


Our basic belief is that technology can change the lives of many for the better.

But regretfully, a lot of people are excluded from using modern technology due to its cost levels. These people are left behind, and the technology gap is growing between developed and developing countries.

We believe it’s a moral obligation for technology companies to put aside the urge for profit sometimes, and provide help to solve social problems.

While there are strong arguments to support the implementation of our food safety oriented solutions, there are companies and organizations in developing countries, which can not afford the it.

We decided to establish the TE-FOOD Charity Program, and offer free products and services for selected use cases to take our part in the efforts of making the world a better place.