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Blockchain based transparency for supply chains

Get to know TE-FOOD in 10 minutes


In 2015, TE-FOOD began developing a traceability application for Southern Vietnam, which was centralized at that time.

The founders realized that blockchain could be the solution when they faced doubts about the accuracy of the traceability data in 2017.

TE-FOOD's blockchain, the TrustChain, has been one of the TOP 15 most active blockchains since its launch in 2018.

With its traceability ecosystem based on the TONE token, TE-FOOD provides services to over 6000 businesses worldwide.

One of the TOP 15 blockchains


The TrustChain is a Hyperledger based public-private hybrid blockchain, where accessing information can be made public via its blockchain explorer, but only verified participants can post data to the blockchain.

Business activities only

The TrustChain only records traceability related business activities on-chain. There are no token transactions on the TrustChain.

Amongst the top blockchains

The TrustChain is amongst the top 15 blockchains by daily activity, with over 80 million transactions, and over 450 million blockchain operations since its launch in late 2018.

Numbers talk

Blockchain transactions
0 M+
Business operations
0 M+
Daily operations
0 K+
0 M+



The TrustChain consists of Masternodes and Supernodes. Masternodes represent the consumer community, and anyone can start one. There are no masternode tiers.

Supernodes are maintained by TE-FOOD's industry partners. Supernodes assist the validation on the TrustChain, but they are are not part of the incentive model.


50% of TONE tokens used to send operations to the TrustChain is rewarded to masternodes for securing the network.

The distribution of operations among masternodes is based on the number of staked TONE tokens in the masternode (more tokens lead to more operations for the masternode).

Each given day, 100 masternodes with the most tokens staked become active masternodes, which receive operations.

Tokenomics of TONE

TONE token

TONE is a pre-mined, non-inflationary ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, with a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens. TONE acts as the network fuel for making and validating transactions on the TrustChain blockchain.

TONE is used to

  • publish data to the TrustChain,
  • providing incentives to Masternodes to validate transactions,
  • using value added services.


The world's largest end-to-end traceability program


Since 2016, TE-FOOD is the contracted supplier of 23 provinces (including Ho Chi Minh City) to implement its system as a governmental food traceability solution.

The solution is implemented for the pig, chicken, and egg supply chains, and used by over 3500 companies from farm to retail.

The system features the tracking of in-farm activities, logistics, processing and packaging events as well as controlling and enforcement functions for the authorities.

TE-FOOD provides identification materials, client and server applications, trainings, and maintains the system.

Other traceability projects in Vietnam

Vinamilk, the largest dairy company in Vietnam

Vinamilk, one of the largest dairy companies in Southeast Asia with a yearly revenue of 2.2 billion USD and over 6000 employees, has chosen TE-FOOD to provide a blockchain based traceability solution for their organic milk and instant formula products.

TE-FOOD was selected by Vinamilk because of its ability to scale up to industrial levels and its openness to integrate Vinamilk’s industrial printers. This allows Vinamilk to print unique QR codes on the milk cartons right on the conveyor.

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Complex deep traceability for Cofidec

Cofidec is a producer of high quality frozen dishes made from seafood, vegetables, and fruits. They export most of their products to Japan, the U.S., South Korea, and other foreign markets.

They have implemented TE-FOOD in two phases. The first phase involved their suppliers, who are 60 vegetable farmers. The aim was to ensure a consistent quality and a common cultivation procedure among the farmers.

The second phase focused on the internal traceability of their processing at their factories. Cofidec wanted to track the details of their production, such as the volumes of raw ingredients and finished products, the usual combinations of processes, and the start and end times of each process.

Durian traceability

Durian traceability pilot which starts during the growing period on the farms, until the reception of the durians at the retail outlets.

TE-FOOD's Livestock Management and Epidemic Control solution

A pragmatic, interoperable, results-oriented system to establish direct communication between food safety authorities and the supply chain for data collection, assessment and response. A highly customizable solution, which is using modern technologies like mobile apps, AI and blockchain.

Transparency in Europe


Auchan, the world’s 12th largest retail chain with nearly 300,000 employees,  implemented TE-FOOD’s blockchain based traceability solution at their local branches in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, and Romania.

Traceability has been implemented in Auchan’s sustainable product line, which helps customers to make informed decisions during their purchases.

By scanning the QR code on the products, consumers can follow the history of each production LOT from the farms to the packaging and distribution, while reading insights of the agricultural approach as well.

Improved operational visibility in Switzerland


Migros is Switzerland’s largest retail company, its largest supermarket chain and largest private employer with over 100 000 people.

Migros wanted to achieve deeper supply chain insight to optimize its processes in order to achieve quicker distribution and reduced food waste.

Traceability data, which is sent by the suppliers, is automatically transformed to GS1’s Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) format, and sent to Migros’ own EPCIS system. The system is aimed to be used internally, opening it up towards consumers is out of the current project’s scope.

Proof of care in Spain


Since 1984, Grupo Avícola Rujamar is not only an important supplier of eggs in Spain, but also a leader of the free-run and cage-free movement.

Ruyamar turned to TraceFood, TE-FOOD’s implementation partner in Spain.

TE-FOOD’s blockchain based traceability system was implemented on Rujamar’s Honrubia farm, where the company has 120,000 laying hens.

Blockchain helped to fight against Covid-19

TE-FOOD's trustOne amongst the most popular healthcare apps

TE-FOOD applied its experience and technology in blockchain based traceability to a new area, and created TrustOne, a blockchain based platform for managing Covid-19 testing. The platform automates the process of mass testing.

With the support of GE Aviation and Eurofins, the solution quickly expanded to several markets on five continents.

It was available for public testing in the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Slovakia, Portugal, Greece, Belgium and Australia.

TrustOne has been used by global sporting events like F1, MotoGP, or Superbike, cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, airlines like Emirates, Etihad and Qantas, private companies like Albany Airport and, and schools in the Czech Republic.

The TrustOne mobile app had more than 150 000 downloads, and the system performed over 2.5 million tests worldwide. It achieved high ranking amongst medical apps in several countries, like the UK, Germany, and Spain.

TrustOne customers

The first Blockchain Beer

A project with the help of TERRA Accelerator and GrainCorp

Alberta-based companies Hamill Farms, Canada Malting Co. (a GrainCorp company), Red Shed Malting and Last Best Brewing & Distilling have teamed up with TE-FOOD to deliver a new and engaging consumer experience:

A Bock beer which uses blockchain technology to trace the beer grain ingredients from field to can.

IDDA - Integrated Delivery by Digital Assistance


IDDA (Integrated Delivery by Digital Assistance) is a next-generation innovative tool for the secure and fast creation and transmission of electronic business messages that supports authentic and accurate electronic communication between suppliers and their buyers (manufacturers, traders, distributors) along a supply chain. data exchange.

IDDA can become an integrated service that enables food businesses to further increase their security of supply and sales efficiency, further serving the needs of their customers.

Helping small businesses export local products in the Caribbeans

A blockchain project funded by the European Union

Funded by the EU

CTA, a joint institution of the ACP Group of States (Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific) and the European Union funded the implementation of TE-FOOD’s farm-to-table traceability solution for a Callaloo supply chain in Trinidad and Tobago


TE-FOOD’s traceability system has been implemented on 20 farms, at the National Agricultural Marketing Corporation (NAMDEVCO), a government owned and operated fresh produce processing and export centre, at Woodsman Caribbean Ltd., a food processing and distribution company, and at PriceSmart retail stores.

Traceability at the largest biorefinery in Europe

Pannonia Bio

Pannonia Bio operates the largest single site bioethanol plant in Europe.

Pannonia Bio has introduced TE-FOOD’s blockchain based traceability system for the feed production for fisheries. The system not only creates supply chain records but integrates an accredited measuring laboratory to extend product information with lab results and lot based certificates.

The system creates such transport documentation, that allows the customers to view all product documentation with a scan of a QR code, including overall company certificates, environmental permits, product specific certificates and permits, fact sheets, and final lot specific documentation like lab result certificates.