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Bringing closer the transparent food industry

TE-FOOD’s mission is to help 

Food companies to automate and optimize their supply chain processes, and gain deeper insight of their suppliers.

Consumers to get clarity about the food they consume, and help them making conscious decisions.

Government bodies to get real time overview of the food market, and improve the monitoring and enforcement of food safety regulations.


business customers


supply chain workers trained


business transactions per day


people access tracked food products

You have the right to know what you are eating

The 21st century is led by technological shifts. Humanity works on Mars expeditions, more and more of our jobs are replaced by robots, we aim to change our DNA. But yet, we don’t know what we are eating.

Retail chains are selling organic food, while they aren’t sure it’s really organic. Food producers are working with farms, which sometimes turn out to use child labor, or actively support deforestation. Consumers buy meat without knowing it contains dangerous amount of chemicals.

We intend to make food supply chains more transparent for the benefit of consumers, food companies, and governments.  


Erik Arokszallasi


Entrepreneur, leader of two successful corporate IT development companies in Hungary. 23 years of leadership, and IT project management experience.

Trung Dao Ha


Entrepreneur, president of the High Tech Association HCMC. 20 years of strategic leadership, marketing and sales experience in Asia and Europe.

Marton Ven


Entrepreneur, marketing leader of IT development companies. 21 years of marketing, sales and project management experience.

Sandor Miskey


26 years of experience in corporate IT security at Novell Professional Services and ViVeTech.

Gergely Koves

Lead project manager

Former Ernst & Young consultant, and long time manager of environmentally conscious projects.

Dr. Gabor Pajor

Food industry expert

Veterinary – Informatics. 20+ year experiences in data analysis, data science, data mining. Digital Agriculture expert in the Big4 environment, founder of the Hungarian Precision Agriculture Association.

Dr. Michael Patching

Independent Animal Welfare and Husbandry advisor

Australian Veterinarian with a Masters in International Animal Welfare Ethics and Law and 13 years experience as a large animal veterinarian. Michael is the current Vietnam Livestock Services Manager for Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA).


Our basic belief is that technology can change the lives of many for the better.

But regretfully, a lot of people are excluded from using modern technology due to its cost levels. These people are left behind, and the technology gap is growing between developed and developing countries.

We believe it’s a moral obligation for technology companies to put aside the urge for profit sometimes, and provide help to solve social problems.

While there are strong arguments to support the implementation of our food safety oriented solutions, there are companies and organizations in developing countries, which can not afford the it.

We decided to establish the TE-FOOD Charity Program, and offer free products and services for selected use cases to take our part in the efforts of making the world a better place.