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The #1 end-to-end
food traceability solution
on blockchain

All components you need to tell the story of your product.
In one place.

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What can you achieve with TE-FOOD?

Differentiate your products from the competition

Consumers appreciate transparent food information, and recognize brands with traceability.

Improve operational efficiency

Analyse and optimize your supply chain processes.

Establish direct communication with consumers

Engage directly with consumers, and collect valuable data about them.

Position your premium products

Provide proofs of your quality sustainability claims.

Become compliant to import regulations of target countries

Unlock export possibilities to countries which require traceability information.

Quicker (and targeted) product recalls

Automate your product recalls, and narrow down the scope to the affected batches.

We are with you from start to success

TE-FOOD provides the full spectrum of tools and solutions to enable complete supply chains to track and trace their products.

Tailored to your processes, data sets, and technical environment, it provides a secure and scalable solution to improve transparency. 

What makes TE-FOOD unique

We have done it. Many times.

We provided tailor made traceability solution for several suppy chains. All experience we gained will serve you.

From small to global, we have a solution.

We are working for a range of companies from smallholder farms to global corporations. We have a solution for you as well.

Powering operational visibility at 6,000+ companies worldwide

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