Farm-to-table food traceability
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What can you achieve with food traceability?

Marketing value (transparency)

Consumers appreciate transparent food information, and value tracked products more. Using blockchain as a traceability tool has certain PR value, which can get you headlines in newspapers.

Deeper supply chain insight

You can see where the products spend too much time within your supply chain, which enables to source from the best suppliers, thus, decreasing food waste.

Compliance to food import regulations of foreign countries

A growing number of countries require traceability information for imported foods (USA, China, EU, Japan, etc.).

Quicker (and targeted) product recall possibility

By using farm-to-table traceability, tracing back a product to its origins takes seconds. It makes product recalls quicker, and enables retailers to recall only the products of the specific supplier.

Defend your brand against counterfeiting

Implementing product serialization (identifying each products with its own QR code) enables you to monitor, resolve, and eventually prevent potential tampering cases.

Justify the price of a premium product

Traceability can explain why a premium product needs more work, more commitment from the supply chain, and what extra value consumers get for the price.

How food traceability works

Basic steps of traceability:

  1. Companies in the supply chain need to identify their premises, lots, batches, and sometimes the retail products
  2. They need to log information about the events of these identifiers
  3. Identifications need to be connected throughout the supply chain to keep the integrity of the information

TE-FOOD provides solutions to all these activities from object identification and product serialization, to data capture through interfaces or our B2B mobile app, data storage on blockchain, data processing to follow custom protocols, and tools to present the food history to the consumers.

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